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Sales team

We have a sales team of more than 20 agents. Contact us and request a visit with the sales responsible of your area. You can also become D’CASA sales agent, and represent our brand in your country.



Visit our showroom with more than 1000m2 of exhibition where you can see, touch and enjoy all our catalog references, including nouveautes. Contact us to schedule a visit!.



Call us and you will have the registration to place online orders in our e-commerce:


Direct contact

Contact us at tel. +34 902 885 779 or to our e-mail address

General conditions of sale and distribution

All business relationships between CIAL LAMA, S.L. and its customers will be governed by the following general conditions of sale, which will be considered as accepted by the buyer by the simple act of placing an order:


  1. Any information that we give you as guidance for this purpose, such as prices, models, dimensions, characteristics, specifications and delivery dates, does not oblige us to adhere thereto and may be modified without prior notice.
  2. All orders and conditions of sale are always and for all purposes conditional on our subsequent acceptance, in writing, of the corresponding order.
  3. Any condition specified by the buyer in the purchase order that does not conform to the general conditions of sale will be considered void, unless our acceptance thereof has been expressly stated in our written acceptance of the order.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel orders pending delivery if the buyer has fully or partially breached previous contracts.
  5. Goods are usually delivered in several shipments, subject to availability and receipt of the goods, as is stated in the copy of the purchase order provided to the customer.
  6. The delivery terms specified in our acceptance of the order are merely indicative and may be affected at any time by market circumstances or deliveries from our suppliers.
  7. Failure to comply with the delivery period shall not, under any circumstances, be grounds for a claim by the buyer.
  8. Delays in delivery caused by force majeure, or for reasons that are not directly attributable to us, will not be considered as justified cause for the cancellation by the buyer of an involuntarily delayed order.
  9. The goods shall be considered to have been delivered to the destination specified by the customer, on a carriage-paid basis in Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands, and our responsibility for them to have ended when we put the goods at the disposal of the client or specified carrier/consignee.
  10. The customer must stamp the carrier’s delivery note once it has been confirmed that the number of packages and consignee matches our delivery note. Transportation claims will not be accepted if they are not recorded on the carrier's delivery note.
  11. Once the merchandise has been delivered, the client has 10 business days to report any anomaly it may observe. After this period the company will not be responsible for any claims.
  12. All claims must be handled through our customer service department and must be communicated by fax, using the incident form that we attach with each shipment. Faulty merchandise will be replaced at no extra cost.
  13. We will not respond to incidents not previously reported to or accepted by us.
  14. The quantities indicated as the minimum sales quantities do not necessarily correspond to the quantity per package. These sales minimums are for strictly commercial reasons and for the application of discount policies.
  15. All possible returns of goods must be accepted by our customer service department. Returns received through other agencies that are not authorised by the company shall not be accepted under any circumstances.
  16. Both buyer and seller will waive any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled and submit unconditionally to the courts of Barcelona.
  17. The customer agrees to make the payments on their due dates and in the agreed forms. The company reserves the right to cancel orders and deliveries in case of unjustified non-compliance.
  18. In the event of non-payment, the bank charges incurred as a result of the return will be applied in line with the current legislation. Delays shall likewise entail a monthly late-payment fee of 1% of the nominal invoice total.